About Us

Ten Acres is situated on a privately owned rural property on Lepper Road Upper, Inglewood. It is owned by husband and wife team Errol and Chris. Having being married over 35 years, these two love love. They love celebrations. They love gatherings. And they would love to be able to share this space with you for your special day.


If you ask anyone who knows Chris to describe her, you’ll usually get variants of two traits; creativity and hospitality. She has a wonderful eye for detail and a gift of bringing out beauty in everything she touches. She is warm, welcoming and she happily invites people from all backgrounds into her life and home.

Photo Credit: Aimee Kelly


Errol is a talented do-er. He will show up anywhere with a toolbox in hand and get stuck in. He brings to life almost any idea and always does it with style. He loves to serve and will always go above and beyond.

Photo Credit: Wildwood


Now that all the children have left home, Millie is the spoiled housemate. You’ll often see her roaming around Ten Acres, just out of reach of a pat.

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